BBB 24: Marcus confronts Michel, Ráculo and Giovanna in the Carnival heartfelt: ‘Ferns’


BBB 24 had its time reduced on Globo’s live programming due to the broadcaster’s coverage of Carnival, this Monday (12). Even so, the reality show didn’t give up on having a weekly heart-to-heart between the brothers.

Because of these circumstances, presenter Tadeu Schmidt, 49, dubbed the dynamic “Carnival sincerity”. The game lasted about five minutes.

The leader Lucas Henrique, the angel Michel and the three men of the week were part of the catwalk of sincerity: Davi, Isabelle and Marcus participated in the sincerinho. They each had one minute to say whatever they wanted about anyone. See what the statements were like.

David spoke about Michel. “It’s better to take charge of your life and leave mine,” he said. The Bahian also questioned why Minas Gerais did not protect Isabelle with immunity during the formation of the wall.

Isabelle spoke about Lucas. “You said I wasn’t your voting option and you still nominated me,” he argued.

Marcus spoke of Michel. “I never voted for you. Why [acreditar em] issues bigger than the game, we are the only gay men in the house”, he stated. “You and your bunch of ferns are not protagonists in the game”, he said.

Michel spoke about MC Bin Laden. “He thought that a vote for Wanessa Camargo wouldn’t make a difference in sending her to the wall, but it did,” he said. The brother explained that this bothered him in relation to the funk player’s game.

Luke spoke of David. “You have a lack of selective memory,” said the professor. It was Lucas who spread the rumor to the house that Davi believed that boxes shouldn’t win the BBB.

But, in reality, the driver said he would like to see someone humble as reality champion. The MC Bin Laden box was nearby when the Bahian made the statement and asked, “So are you playing against me?”

“No. But I would like it to be a group of people who needed the prize” said Davi. “But I also need the award,” said the singer. “So you are guys,” said the Bahian.

Source: Folha

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