Woman accused of harassing him Harry Styles sent him 8,000 cards in less than a month, a court heard.

Myra Carvalho sent the pop star handwritten letters and ordered a series of cards for the singer online, which were sent to his address, Harrow District Court in London heard.

Prosecutors, according to the BBC, argue that some of the cards Myra Carvalho sent were wedding cards.

The accused is in custody for the case which will be heard in the same court in April. The defendant appeared at the hearing via video conference from the women’s prison where she is being held and confirmed her name.

Court documents show the Brazilian national has been staying at a hostel in Earls Court, west London, since she arrived in the UK in December.

Her family did not know she traveled to the country, the court heard.

Two of the letters were delivered by her to the singer’s address, prosecutors said. Myra Carvalho will appear in court on April 19.