Dona Florinda pays tribute to her husband Roberto Bolaños, Chaves, who would have turned 95


Florinda Meza, who became famous for playing Dona Florinda in the series “Chaves”, paid tribute to her husband, creator and protagonist of the series, Roberto Gomez Bolaños.

Died in 2014, Bolaños would have turned 95 this Wednesday (21). Florinda recently turned 75, on February 8th. The two lived together from 1977 until Bolaños’ death.

On her profile on X (Twitter), the Mexican actress paid tribute to her beloved. “My Roberto. I will always celebrate your life. For the world, you were a great comedian. For me, you were, are and always will be the man who filled my heart with happiness. I love you,” wrote the actress.

A fan asked Florinda to return the series “Chaves” and “Chespirito” to TV. “Without a doubt, it was the best program of our generation with the best person and the best comedian in Latin America. With all due respect, would it be possible to reach an agreement to show the episodes again?”, asked the fan.

The actress responded that she is in favor of re-airing the chapters, but that the decision depends on Televisa, the Mexican broadcaster that originally aired the series. “I agree, Televisa agrees, what they need is to stop saying they are ‘fighting for this’ and really fight to make it possible, if they really care about their legacy and, above all, the public. Big hug”, replied Florinda.

For legal reasons, the re-airing of the series is banned worldwide. The intellectual rights to Bolaños’ work belong to one of his sons, Roberto Gomez Fernandéz.

Source: Folha

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