BBB 24: Boxes enter on collision courses in the reality show during a party


The BBB 24 cabin team’s alliance appears to be weakened. MC Bin Laden, Rodriguinho, Wanessa Camargo and Yasmin Brunet expressed discomfort with each other’s strategies in the early hours of this Thursday (22).

In the first week of the reality show, celebrities came together to protect themselves from alleged attacks by anonymous participants. But since that time, it was difficult to say that they formed a cohesive group.

Vanessa Lopes withdrew, Vinicius Rodrigues was eliminated and since then uncertainty has hovered over the BBB box. Rodriguinho believes that Wanessa and Yasmin would vote for him, before he nominates them for the spotlight.

He also said that he can’t talk about everything with Bin, to Pitel and Fernanda during the party.

MC Bin Laden almost put Wanessa on the wall with his vote on February 11th and remains suspicious of his sister’s movements. He claims that it is strange “for her to talk badly about people and then go and apologize”, he argued during the night.

The funk singer spoke to his closest allies about his interpretation. Rodriguinho was one of those people and, despite saying he wouldn’t vote for the women in the boxes, he agreed with the singer.

Wanessa also suspects her colleague’s intentions. This week, she told Davi that she was influenced by the funk player to act badly against the Bahian. And, at leader Ráculo’s party, she told Fernanda that she doesn’t trust Bin.

From the left, MC Bin Laden, Yasmin Brunet, Rodriguinho and Wanessa Camargo, the remaining boxes at BBB 24 – Assembly/Globe

Fernanda told Camargo and Yasmin that the MC implied that the two participated in a movement against her in the house for two weeks in a row.

The duo denied it and explained that the vote for the sister was to defend allies, but that it was “a stupid move, because I almost went to the wall”, said Wanessa.

Camargo took the opportunity to ask if Fernanda knew what Rodriguinho said in the conversation considered sexist with Nizam. “If it happened, it must have been at another time. He didn’t tell me anything,” said Fernanda.

After the chat, Wanessa and Yasmin were not convinced.

Brunet cried and told the singer that he didn’t understand the game. She also blamed herself for influencing her friend to vote for “someone [Fernanda] that she didn’t want,” he said.

Source: Folha

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