Luana Piovani says she is in love, but will not marry again ‘not even if Jesus comes down’


Luana Piovani may be in love, but she guarantees that she will not marry again “not even if Jesus comes down from heaven”. The actress participated in the Poddelas podcast last Wednesday (22) and “caused” her controversial opinions.

“I won’t marry again, not even if Jesus comes down from heaven and asks me. Inside the same house, a wet towel on the bed my whole life. I hate it,” said Luana. She also mentioned what she can’t stand about men at home: “Wave a towel over their hairy ass, watercress area, unbearable smell. The sink is full of short hairs.”

At the same time, Luana said she is in love. She has been dating businessman and photographer Lucas Bitencourt since 2021: “I’m in love. I’m very lucky, born in Brazil, but raised in London. Thank you God, a lord.”

Despite the passion, she made it clear that the union will not be made official: “It only works because he’s a boyfriend. He has to leave, get ready, take a shower and meet. Everyone in their own home. He’s 32 years old, he’s not even thinking about getting married . Everything’s good.”

Luana was married to surfer Pedro Scooby between 2013 and 2016. Together, they had Dom, aged 11, and twins Bem and Liz, aged 8. The former couple faced a fight in court over child support.

Living in Portugal, the eldest son is expected to move to his father’s house in Brazil this year. “The heart is very tight, but everything in life is a process. I made the decision that he would come at the beginning of last year. I felt like the worst mother in the world. I bled, I died, but I came to understand that there is no point in insisting on a mistake. There’s no point in idealizing a child,” she said about separating from her firstborn.

Source: Folha

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