BBB 24: Davi and Isabelle are elected the most despised in Sincerão


Sincerão killed the longing of those who liked to see the brothers dirtying each other with buckets of paint on BBB 24. The dynamics of this Monday (26) allowed the protagonists of the week to choose their enemies in the house to take a bath with scenographic liquid .

Yellow meant contempt and red meant the desire to eliminate the confined person from the game. To avoid any aggression, the dummys were the ones who threw the paint.

Participating in this week’s dynamics were the leader Beatriz, the angel Michel and the paired trio: Fernanda, Lucas and Rodriguinho. Davi and Isabelle also had the right to wet some opponents.

See who each protagonist wanted to dirty

Beatriz protects Alane, despises Giovanna and wants Pitel out of the game;

Michel protects Raquel, despises Davi and wants MC Bin Laden out of the game;

Fernanda protects Pitel, despises Davi and wants Leidy out of the game;

Lucas protects Leidy, despises Isabelle and wants Davi out of the game;

Rodriguinho protects Pitel, despises Isabelle and wants Davi out of the game.

Davi and Isabelle, as the most despised, unanimously chose to despise Rodriguinho.

Davi, as the most eliminable, chose Michel as he wants out of the game.

Source: Folha

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