Fernanda Gentil is diagnosed with Bell’s palsy: ‘The mouth wouldn’t stay firm’


Fernanda Gentil, 37, used the networks to say that she was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy and that her facial movements have not yet returned to normal. The symptoms began shortly after Carnival with numbness in the mouth and discomfort when kissing her son and godchildren. The former Globo presenter then said that she started paying attention to the signs. “My mouth was kind of not firming up. I was already starting to feel sick. Something wasn’t responding as it should,” she began.

She then started to make movements with her face and realized that the left side was not following the right. “I called the doctor with a very worried voice. I try to hold the fire as long as I can”, she commented. The doctor asked her to video call her and started doing exercises with her to examine her. At that moment, the professional ruled out that it was a stroke or a tumor.

The presenter said that, despite having had a check-up recently, she went to a neurologist who found the paralysis and through an MRI she was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. “It’s a partial paralysis of the face. The bad news is that there is no clear origin of what it can cause, there are several options and stress above them, a very tiring and intense routine, lack of rest”, she explained.

Fernanda also raised the possibility of it being a sequelae of the herpes virus. “I do, but I didn’t have herpes at the time. I have a virus inside me, so it could have manifested itself that way”, acknowledged the journalist who is taking medication, but the movements of her face have not yet returned to normal: ” She [a paralisia] You can give it once in a lifetime and never [mais]but it can leave consequences”, he said.

Finally, Fernanda emphasized that she has always had a very transparent relationship with her audience and, therefore, decided to expose what she is going through. “I’m taking corticosteroids, I’m taking herpes medicine at very high doses, I’m still undergoing physiotherapy and I’m paralyzed.”

Source: Folha

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