‘When they are constructive, I accept them; when they aren’t, I ignore them’, says Márcia Fu about criticism


Ana Cora Lima

Bendita A Fazenda 15. This is how Márcia Fu, 54, refers to Record’s rural reality show, in which she participated at the end of 2023. The former volleyball player gained some disaffection and did not emerge champion — Jaquelline Grohalski was chosen by the public to win the R$1.5 million prize—, but returned to the media 20 years after retiring from the court. And, as a result, she gained job opportunities that she never even imagined.

“I’m making merchandise!”, he is surprised when he says to the F5 recent partnerships with companies such as Burger King, PagBank and Paramount Plus, among others. “I did some publicity actions and I have projects. For now, they are secrets because there is this ‘it can’t be leaked’ thing in this world… But they are incredible things!!! I have to hold back…”, she says, as who is dying to spread the news soon.

“When we go after it and it’s good, there’s no way things won’t work out. It’s already worked and it’s going to work out a lot more”, says the former athlete, who left Juiz de Fora (MG) and is living in São Paulo to enhance the possibilities now that she is also a digital influencer. “What a crazy world, right?”, she comments. “I’m loving this universe of social networks. I’m having fun.”

Márcia Fu’s manager is Marlene Mattos (yes, the one who worked with Xuxa for years). Despite having known each other for longer, they started working together last year.

“Marlene is an excellent professional”, praises the pupil. “I love her because she is human and understands me. With Marlene, you have to walk the line, because she wants the best for you. Do you remember Bernardinho? The scolding he gave the team? That’s it”, he compares.

The former athlete does not delve into the criticism that Marlene has been and continues to be the target of since the premiere of the documentary about Xuxa on Globoplay, about the way the then children’s presenter was treated behind the scenes. “I think everyone receives criticism, regardless of who they are or what area they are in. It even applies to those next to them (laughs)”, she says.

“These people really want to get involved without knowing the stones that you, I or anyone else encounters along the way. Nobody is happy with anything”, he assesses. “When criticism is constructive, I accept it. When it is not, I ignore it.”

With everything positive going on in her life, Márcia only regrets not being able to participate in a reunion with Mireya Luis, from the Cuban volleyball team that won gold at the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996. On that occasion, Brazil lost to the team in the semi-final and ended up with bronze.

“Recently, she spoke on Globo about the fight,” he says, referring to content shown on Globo Esporte between the Cuban winger and Ana Moser. “I was going to participate in the report, but it wasn’t possible because of the contract with Record. We were going to have a good laugh.”

Despite the fight that remained in the memories of many, the two ended up becoming friends. “They won, guaranteed their place in the final and made fun of us”, she remembers. “The beating ate. I fought with Mireya, but what happened stayed on the court.”

Source: Folha

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