De Rossi: “The most important thing is the relationship I’ve built with the players”


THE Rome by Daniele De Rossi on the counter it presents a different image and the results are extremely positive. The most recent win came against Turin (3-2) with Paulo Dybala to score a hat-trick.

The Argentinian gave us a beautiful picture from this game after he scored a goal and went straight to his coach and they hugged. THE De Rossi commented in statements on the relationship he has developed with his players, stressing that he considers it the most important thing.

“I celebrated like crazy because as soon as he scored I told myself he was going to score. It’s exciting, but not because it’s Dybala. And last year I did it at SPAL. My players came to hug me at the end of the match and I was excited like a child”
first reported and continued:

“For me the most important thing I have is the relationship I create with the players, no matter who they are. The relationship I have with these kids is what keeps me alive and what makes me choose this job every day, what makes me have that desire every morning to get up and do it.

These hugs are small hugs that I and my colleagues willingly accept, because we are really happy, beyond the work, with what was created in so few days with the team.”

Source: Sport Fm

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