Police investigate man who kissed influencer’s neck without permission


Influencer Mycaela Parreira, 26, received a hug from behind and a kiss on the neck without consent while advertising on the street for a store. The case took place in the city of Quirinópolis, in the south of Goiás. The Civil Police are investigating the case.

According to police, the man has already been arrested on suspicion of murder and “presents high danger”. Simone Casemiro, police chief responsible for crimes against women, states that he obtained a release permit in September 2023.

“This author is seen at the doors of establishments such as markets, restaurants and churches, he is in a suspicious situation. I would like to ask that if there is any other victim who has been approached or harassed, that they contact the police station”, he tells the F5.

All of his action was recorded by the influencer’s own camera. “I had to hold the guy alone until the police arrived. Everyone was watching from a box, but no one did anything,” she said on social media.

According to Mycaela, the attacker made fun of the situation. “I started swearing at him, and he started laughing in my face. At the time, I punched him, and he kept looking at me, he wouldn’t leave my side”, he added.

Afterwards, Mycaela says she took courage and decided to hold him until the police arrived. “I will not remain silent. I want to be a voice for other women.” The man was not located by the report.

The crime to be investigated is sexual harassment. The day after the case, Mycaela herself stated that the man was already on the street. When contacted, the Civil Police stated that “the release order was made after a court order.” “I already imagined this would happen. But I thought he would at least sleep in jail”, complained the influencer.

Source: Folha

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