BBB 24: I was happy to see that he is strong out here, says Rodriguinho about Davi


Rodriguinho was eliminated from BBB 24 and participated in Ana Maria Braga’s program this Wednesday morning (28). Throughout the edition, he said several times that he wanted to leave — his brother’s “little concern” even irritated the program’s management and resulted in a warning at the end of January.

When participating, the singer said that he wanted to leave the reality show the next minute after entering and that he accepted because his wife had already tried to participate in the program. “I never imagined that an experience like this would change me in this way,” he said.

“The challenge of being there is to show a Rodriguinho that I never showed, even what I didn’t want to show. I wouldn’t do it again. What didn’t make me give up was the same thing that made me join,” he said. “I thought: ‘I joined, I’ll stay until the end’. But the pressure was too great, I couldn’t handle it. I had insomnia, stomach pain.”

Rodriguinho also said that he saw Davi as his son and stated that he had no rivalry with the Bahian. Several times he has insinuated that he would hit the participant, but said he feels ashamed for what he said and apologized to him and his brother’s family.

After watching a pleasant conversation with Davi, the singer said he realized that he had lost his way over the days. “It affected me when he said he thought I was a weak player. He defended himself by attacking, I was happy to see out here that he was strong, I always said that inside.”

The former Travessos also said that, upon arriving at the hotel, he read a copy of the letter destroyed by Raquelle in the Sincerão dynamics last week, and classified the player as the “plant” of the edition.

“She never made such an effusive move, it was always with people’s heads.” For him, Fernanda, Davi and Isabelle will reach the top 3.

Source: Folha

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