BBB 24: Lucas puts Alane, Davi, Isabelle and Michel in the leader’s sights


Leader Lucas placed Davi, Michel, Alane and Isabelle in his vote on Sunday (3). The Rio capoeirista must choose one of the four to go straight to the BBB 24 wall, without the chance to compete in the round-trip race.

Lucas’s choice took place minutes before the party this Friday (1st). The leader indicated his main enemies within the house. Lucas has already confronted Davi together with MC Bin Laden, a fight that earned him the nickname “calabreso”, outside of the reality show.

The carioca entered the reality show as a follower of Isabelle, but ignored the admiration to turn the representative of Boi Garantido into a voting option, because she was with the Bahian.

The reason why Alane is in the professor’s sights is that he took Yasmin and Wanessa’s side in the widespread “Tá com Nada” fight.

The disagreement with Michel comes from another confusion that involved at least ten participants. The two teachers exchanged barbs on the 20th because one didn’t believe the other’s word on BBB 24.

Now one of the four will be put in the spotlight. The dynamics of the week predict that the leader’s nominee will face the most voted in the house, the person blocked by the big phone of the week and a person of the choice of whoever answered the phone call.

With the exception of Lucas’ nominee, the other three players will have the right to compete in the round-robin competition.

Source: Folha

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