BBB 24: Wanessa’s expulsion divides the public and fuels conspiracy theories


Wanessa Camargo’s expulsion from BBB 24 surprised internet users. The singer left the house this Saturday (2), after slapping Davi during the party that took place in the early hours of the morning.

The brother went to the confessional to complain to the production team and, in the early afternoon, the participants were told to place the singer’s belongings in the pantry.

On social media, a video was circulating of the moment that led to his departure from the reality show, and part of the public considered the expulsion exaggerated. “Wanessa was expelled for this? It’s not possible,” wrote influencer Vittor Fernando. “I was always team Davi, but the truth has to be told, it didn’t make sense.”

“I’m not even a fan of Wanessa, but after this expulsion for no reason it’s clear that the award already belongs to Davi, for me the program could end today”, said a profile that identifies itself as Pedro Lucas.

Another user stated that, if it was Davi who had attacked Wanessa, there would be no questions about his attitude. “Yasmin justified Wanessa’s activity because she was ‘drunk’. That’s why I think the expulsion is fair. If it were the opposite, the argument of being drunk would never be viable”, said JP.

The expulsion also became a reason for conspiracy theories. “Nothing gets out of my head that the production preferred an expulsion of Wanessa than a wall where she would be rejected,” wrote Pedrão’s profile.

Source: Folha

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