Spanish police announced today how he made 14 arrests in relation to counterfeit 100-euro banknotes with a total face value of one million euros, which passed undetected by ATMs and other devices and were also circulated in Greece.

“The banknotes produced by the organization were handmade and of very high quality, as they used special inks, watermarks and various elements designed to bypass the detection mechanisms,” announced the spokeswoman for the Spanish National Police. Elisa Rembolo.

Based in Naples, Rome and Barcelona, ​​a gang of people of Pakistani origin trafficked the notes in Italy, France, Greece and Spain, police said.

The police clarified that they arrested traffickers of counterfeit banknotes at their airport Barcelona and at the city bus station. In both cases they were in possession of counterfeit banknotes with a face value of 70,000 euros.

The police operation involved forces in Spain, Italy and Greece. It started last November after large numbers of counterfeit notes were discovered in Barcelona.