He caught fire in the 4th period and overtook Karditsa to Lavrio!


A breakout was exercising for the Laurel!

His team Costa Mexa won at home with a score of 76-57 Carditsa and moved up to 9th place with a 7-12 record, surpassing her opponent who fell to 6-13! In fact, the hosts can look even higher, since AEK Betsson and Colossus of Rhodes they are not far away.

The match was a big derby for three quarters, with both teams having their moments without being able to escape. Nevertheless, in fourth periodthe hosts made an epic burst and ran off individual scores 27-12 with… a three-point bombardment, reaching the great victory.

Leader of the winners with 13 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists was Marcus Thorntonwhile 12 points and 7 rebounds were scored by Noah Horkler and 12 points with 4 rebounds o Xavier Castanieda. Among the losers, he stood out with 15 points and 10 rebounds Romelo Whitewhile 13 points and 4 rebounds were scored by Tevin Mack.

The match

The Laurel the match started very strongly with the protagonist from early on Thornton, who made it 5-2 with his first three-pointer, before Muratos brought the difference to +5 with shots (7-2). The two teams were quite nervous and misguided in the first minutes, with the visitors gradually finding a rhythm and running a partial 6-0 with Mack, Buchanan and Seibert for 9-8. Karditsa was very good defensively throughout the period, and even went ahead in its final, thanks to a three-pointer by Bilaterally (13-14).

The match had the form of a derby during the second quarter as well. THE Zaras constantly tried to give the home team the lead, but Diplaros and Menega they also kept the guests close (17-17). Lavrio me Chestnut and Murato tried to escape again (24-19), however the Thessalians reacted and got closer to the point thanks to a layup by Mak (26-25). Buchanan put the Thessalians ahead (27-28), while Mak and Christidis they made it 28-31 at halftime.

Lavrio-Karditsa 76-57

The situation began to change in the second half. THE Carditsa temporarily escaped with +5 (30-35), but o Gromovs with Flaten they very quickly put the hosts in front again (36-35). Thornton, in fact, sent them with a three-pointer to +4 (39-35), before o Gromovs nail it for 42-35. Karditsa again made a reaction with him as the protagonist Tevin Mackwhile o Seibert with his own three-pointer, he again reduced the difference to a point (46-45). THE Chestnut answered and signed 49-45 halftime.

Lavrio-Karditsa 76-57

The fourth period was also the one that completely changed the facts. The Laurel came out on the court transformed and began to completely dominate Karditsa, escaping very quickly with +12 thanks to two long shots from Castanieda and Horkler (57-45). The former hit all three shots for 60-45, while the visitors tried to reduce thanks to a three-pointer McCallum (62-51). However, the hosts quickly recovered their rhythm and escaped with +17 thanks to three pointers from Moore and Horkler (70-53), as a result of which they cleaned up the important victory.

The quarters: 13-14, 28-31, 49-45, 76-57

Detailed match statistics here

Source: Sport Fm

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