BBB 24: Dado Dolabella disagrees with Wanessa’s expulsion: ‘Shocked, perplexed’


Dado Dolabella said he saw no reason for the expulsion of Wanessa Camargo from BBB 24 (Globo), which took place this Saturday morning (2). On social media, the actor spoke about what happened and said he was on his way to Rio de Janeiro to support his girlfriend.

“Shocked, perplexed! I see no reason for expulsion, I never imagined she would leave the program like this, but if that happened, it was the best for her. I’m going to Rio now to give her all the support and love she might need “, he wrote in Instagram stories this Saturday.

Wanessa was expelled after attacking participant Davi. He was sleeping in the magic room when the singer entered the room jumping, singing, dancing and touching the switch in the company of Yasmin, Pitel and Lucas, who were trying to calm her down.

The Bahian went to the confessional to talk about what happened. According to him, the production initially said it would analyze the images.

Globo issued an official note and states that Tadeu Schmidt will give more details on the program at night. “This Saturday, the 2nd, Wanessa Camargo was disqualified from BBB 24 for failing to comply with one of the program’s rules. According to participant Davi’s report, the attack was confirmed by him. Following the rules of the reality show, the singer left the program.”

Wanessa and Dado Dolabella dated between 2000 and 2004 and resumed their relationship in 2022, after the singer separated.

Source: Folha

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