One of the characteristics of Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) in “Friends” was lounging in his favorite Lazy armchair and doing nothing.

In real life it seems that – at least for the time being – Jennifer Aniston (Rachel in the series) is also in the phase of… cracking.

The popular actress revealed on Instagram what her shared favorite pastime is with her former co-star Matt LeBlanc.

He uploaded a video of an interview that ‘Joey’ had given, where the reporter had asked him what he likes to do most. “My favorite pastime, but really my favorite is doing nothing. I’m great at it. I could make a career out of it. It’s so easy, there are no rules. What are you doing today; Nothing. Too simple.”

Aniston captioned the post, “Me too Matt.”

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Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc have been dear friends for years, and after Matthew Perry’s death, they’ve become even closer. Aniston has even called “Joey” the best man she’s ever met.