Actress from ‘Avenida Brasil’ and ‘Amor Perfeito’ is robbed in Rio


Actress Letícia Isnard, 49, was the victim of a robbery in Rio de Janeiro. She used social media to vent about the violence.

In addition to stealing Letícia’s cell phone, the thief accessed her computer’s HD, which was at the actress’s house, and rendered the motherboard unusable, according to what she reported.

“Hello, brave Cariocas,” wrote the actress. “They snatched my cell phone from my hands, inside the car, so if you receive messages in my name asking for money, etc., don’t answer,” she warned.

“I’m fine, I didn’t suffer physical violence, but in the form of cruelty the thief erased my computer’s HD and blocked the motherboard, rendering my computer unusable, which was at home and had nothing to do with the story. Surreal”, reported Letícia .

“Nothing matters more than life and physical integrity, but the mark of the violence suffered remains, an immense fear of what they managed to access and the possible use they will make of the photos, personal information, etc., a deep sadness, a great loss of losing your cell phone, your computer and your hard drive. So total warning: don’t use your cell phone on the streets, sidewalks or with the car window open. It’s bad”, he warned.

On social media, friends and fans lamented what happened and showed solidarity with Letícia. Actors Drica Moraes and Mouhamed Harfouch supported the actress. “I’m sorry, friend. I’m glad you’re okay,” wrote Mouhamed. “It’s hard,” lamented Drica.

Letícia’s most recent role on TV was Violeta, from “Amor Perfeito”. She also starred in the series “Filhos da Pátria”, on Globoplay, and played Ivana, sister of Tufão (Murilo Benício) and wife of Max (Marcello Novaes) in “Avenida Brasil”.

Source: Folha

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