The Attica Traffic police found and arrested a taxi driver with a “tampered with” cash register.

At the same time, three other taxi drivers, who were also sanctioned, they used a tablet instead of a taxi meter.

In checks that they carried out yesterday throughout the basin, the traffic police officers “distributed” 259 summonses for a series of violations of the Road Traffic Code and another 19 for illegal parking, while 12 of the 224 offending drivers were referred to Justice.

Once again, the most violations related to the non-use of helmets by motorcyclists (54) and seat belts (41) by car drivers.

In 35 cases the drivers were found to be violating the regulatory signs, one driver made dangerous maneuvers and another demonstrated skills, while 19 vehicles were uninsured and two had not “passed” KTEO.

Also, another 121 violations were found.

The traffic police stopped 10 vehicles and removed 62 driving licenses, 51 driver’s licenses and the number plates from 6 vehicles. In total, 870 checks were carried out on 552 cars, 300 motorcycles and 18 mopeds.