BBB 24: ‘Efeito Davi’ skyrockets reality audience in Salvador and surpasses ‘Renascer’

BBB 24: ‘Efeito Davi’ skyrockets reality audience in Salvador and surpasses ‘Renascer’

Gabriel Vaquer

Davi Brito’s popularity is becoming more evident every day. Last Tuesday (5), the BBB 24 wall that eliminated Michel Nogueira and left the Bahian on the program led to Globo’s reality show achieving a record audience in Salvador (BA).

According to consolidated data obtained by F5, the program presented by Tadeu Schmidt scored an average of 30 points with peaks of 32 in the capital of Bahia. Record got 4 and SBT got just 3 points.

On the same day, the remake of “Renascer”, which takes place in Ilhéus, a city on the coast of Bahia, scored 29 points. In other words, the Davi phenomenon made BBB Globo’s most watched attraction in the capital, where it has its best results in terms of numbers.

Davi Brito’s recognition among the public has also reverberated on other stations in Salvador (BA). TV Aratu, an SBT affiliate in Bahia, rented a furnished house for Davi’s family to live in until he left the program in April.

The fact had repercussions on social media, with divided opinions. The fact is that BBB 24 is the talk of Bahia at the moment, and it’s not just television that proves it.

Last Tuesday (5), app drivers friends of Davi organized a celebration for him being on the show at Paredão with Michel. Other celebrations of this type in situations like this are planned.

Source: Folha

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