BBB 24: Isabelle, Lucas and Yasmin face each other on the wall; vote in the poll


Isabelle, Lucas, Matteus and Yasmin face each other on the BBB 24 wall. The spotlight began to be formed this Sunday (10) and now the trio is at the mercy of the will of the reality show’s audience. The vote is to eliminate, choose who you want to see off the program.

How the wall was formed

According to the dynamics of the week, Lucas started in the hot seat as a result of being the first eliminated from the endurance test. It was in the same challenge that Beatriz won her second leadership.

Lucas also had two other fundamental roles in the formation of the wall. As an angel, he immunized Leidy and also removed Pitel from the leader’s sights, with the wild card power.

Leader Beatriz nominated Yasmin for the wall, with no chance of competing in the round-trip race.

The person with the most votes in the house was Matteus, with six votes. Pitel, freed from Bia’s sights, had the right to put another person under public scrutiny, and chose Isabelle. In the back-and-forth test, Matteus managed to save himself.

See who voted for who in the confessional

Alane voted for MC Bin Laden;

Davi voted for MC Bin Laden;

Fernanda voted for Matteus;

Giovanna voted for Matteus;

Isabelle voted for MC Bin Laden;

Leidy voted for Davi;

Lucas voted for Alane;

Matteus voted for MC Bin Laden;

MC Bin Laden voted for Matteus;

Pitel voted for Matteus;

Raquel voted for Matteus;

Yasmin voted for Matteus.

Source: Folha

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