BBB 24: Beatriz provokes her sisters in the kitchen after Sincerão


Sincerão generated discord among the participants of BBB 24, until the early hours of this Tuesday (12). One of the confusions started when Pitel said during the dynamic that being on the reality show with Beatriz makes her feel like she’s “in a commercial.”

The Brás saleswoman didn’t like the provocation and waited to get back at her opponent. After Leidy threw Davi’s clothes into the pool, Bia thought it was the right time to fight back.

The sister waited for Fernanda, Pitel and Yasmin to gather in the kitchen. So, Beatriz grabbed a shampoo, pretended the product was a microphone, looked at the cameras in the room and shot at her enemies in the edition.

“Hey, Brazil. We’re here, another commercial on BBB 24. We have a very beautiful family here. Fernanda, the fake one. Yasmin Brunet, the plant. Pitel, the one who has no arguments and just talks nonsense. So stay tuned, see “Another commercial from the most watched house in Brazil”, said Beatriz.

Pitel retorted. “What’s that for? That’s why, two weeks ago, I said you were childish,” he said and then added a string of swear words.

The São Paulo native dismissed the comments and told everyone in the space to hear, “did you see that the camera came for me? I loved that the camera came for me. The camera loves what I advertise. It’s undeniable. There’s no way not to like it”, she said .

Source: Folha

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