BBB 24: MC Bin Laden says he wants to go out on the wall: ‘I’m tired of socializing’


MC Bin Laden told his allies that he is uncomfortable at BBB 24. “I’m going to the wall, I’m going to ask to leave and you can be happy. I’m sorry for anything. I’m tired of socializing and that’s it. My socializing is difficult and I want to get out of here. Today I understand other people”, he said in the early hours of this Saturday (16).

The MC’s outburst was heard by Fernanda, Lucas and Pitel in the gnome’s room. The last box of the reality show repeated the speech of the other two eliminated celebrities, Rodriguinho and Yasmin. This attitude does not seem to be a coincidence in the group that was a minority in this year’s edition.

Experts in human sciences stated to the F5 that the celebrities in the edition, having reached where they are, have difficulty exposing their flaws and intimacy in a program filmed 24 hours a day.

So far, their performance has been below the previous boxes, which have always been in the BBB final. Bin’s teammates left due to withdrawal, expulsion and eliminations with public rejection. In addition to this history, the funk player has to deal with a feeling of betrayal and the approach of a new wall.

Lucas, who seemed like a first-time ally of MC Bin Laden, suggested the singer’s name for Giovanna to put in her vote’s sights. According to the capoeirista, the idea was to be able to immunize his brother if the dynamics of the week allowed him to protect a pre-immunized person.

Giovanna, who kissed the MC the previous month, had already intended to nominate her ex-affair and did so. Another factor also makes the climate unfavorable for him.

Bin misses having Alane and Beatriz’s friendship. “I opened my hand [da relação com elas] to play with you and even then it doesn’t seem worth anything”, he confessed. After he was alone with Fernanda, he even admitted an ulterior motive with the new Brás star.

“If it were out there, I would go after her. Not because she was a virgin, but because of the life story she told that attracted me,” he said. Fernanda listened to her friend and advised him to open up his feelings more.

Minutes later, the brother started a conversation with Alane. Watching this rapprochement unfold.

Source: Folha

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