BBB 24: Fernanda dismantles the table set by Davi: ‘The food was open all night’; Beatriz remakes


After setting the dining table with all the plates, cutlery and glasses for his colleagues, Davi had his work undone by Fernanda, who was irritated by the food on display.

“I didn’t know if everyone had already eaten or not. I cleared the entire table. The food was all open, there all night,” Fernanda said to Giovanna and Pitel in the garden. Giovanna agreed: “Wow, that really irritates me.”

“The food was all spread out, overturned there. The table was full of glasses and plates. There weren’t even all that many people. There were more glasses than people”, added the carioca. “He just likes to fill the entire table. The day there are three people, he will still set out ten plates and ten glasses.”

“I said that that day, but it almost turned into an argument, he didn’t understand”, recalled Giovanna.

Leidy appears in the conversation saying that Beatriz was angry with the table being dismantled. “Bia is freaking out over Davi’s table. She’s asking everyone: ‘Who took away Davi’s beautiful table?'”, she reported. “Now they’re there setting the table again.”

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Beatriz vented to Alane: “I’m angry because they dismantled Davi’s table”, she said. “I know they dismantled it, I saw Fernanda taking things away”, said Alane. Then they redid the table.

“Never on Big Brother has anyone made a table as beautiful as the one Davi makes”, praised Beatriz.

Source: Folha

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