BBB 24: Beatriz loses 500 stakes for knocking Sabrina Sato to the ground


After jumping on top of Sabrina Sato and knocking the presenter down, Beatriz received a very serious punishment on BBB 24.

Reality viewers even asked for the expulsion of the participant, who almost hurt Sabrina. BBB production, however, decided to keep Beatriz on the program and only punish her for what happened.

The street vendor, who had already received warnings for not knowing how to behave in front of famous guests, was punished with the loss of 500 estalecas. Alane, who participated in the “montinho” in Sabrina, was also punished with the loss of 200 stakes.

Beatriz even took a scolding from Boninho: “Attention, gentlemen! Attention, Dona Beatriz, especially Dona Beatriz for your attitudes when we have a guest in the house, when we have an artist. You committed a very serious act. You You’ve been warned several times and you have to control yourself in front of other people”, said the director.

“You could have hurt her. I repeat: it can’t happen. Therefore, you are seriously offended, 500 estalecas. Dona Alane also participated, she takes 200 estalecas”, he warned.

“We hugged Sabrina Sato. Sorry,” said Alane. “It won’t happen again. It’s because we fell to the ground with her”, recalled Beatriz. “Ladies, end of conversation. You heard, you understood. Don’t do it again!”, scolded Boninho.

On X (Twitter), viewers who had called for Beatriz’s expulsion complained about the punishment. “It was cheap,” wrote one internet user.

Giovanna and Bin Laden also criticized Bia, Alane and Isabelle’s attitude towards the artist. “You have to be respectful, understand? The other one came from behind, grabbed her and then the other one came and grabbed her again”, said Giovanna.

“All three. Cunhã, Bia and Alane”, added Bin Laden.

“He knocked her down, got her all wet. She almost lost the very expensive earring that was in her ear. My God, people, politeness and respect. Everyone goes crazy, but you have to have a shred of awareness”, criticized the girl from Minas Gerais.

“I don’t think that’s cool, because it ends up bringing down a person who came to visit us, came to see the house, something she already lived here. She was talking and no one was able to talk”, agreed the funk player.

Source: Folha

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