AEK with… acquired speed for one half, won in Cyprus and showed they are ready for the resumption of the playoffs!

AEK with… acquired speed for one half, won in Cyprus and showed they are ready for the resumption of the playoffs!

H AEK won… just with 1-0 him Apollo Limassol at “Alphamega Stadium”, in the friendly to celebrate the 70 years since the foundation of the Cypriot team, thanks to a goal by Van Weert in the 9′.

With Matias Almeida seeing his players have very good picture in the first 45 minutesbringing out tension, mood but also several phases through combined football, even though they achieved “only” one goal during this time.

To them distinguished for the “Union”, which had a total of nine absences and inactivity since March 10, however, it coped for a half-time and while in the replay followed by management and testing from Almeida’s point of view, they were undoubtedly the Pizarro, Ljubisic and Araujo.

In the coach’s mind:

AEK lined up with a system 4-4-1-1 and Stankovic in the goal. Sidibe, Mukudi, Mitoglou and Hadjisafi played in defense. While on the axis, Jonson was the “cutter”, having Ljubitzic in front of him, Fernandez on the right and Pissarro on the left. With Araujo-Van Weert making up the duo of the attack.

The match:

AEK entered the game strongly and, pressing high but also playing fastgradually took control against Apollon Limassol who, although he was in the mood, could not keep the ball.

The first notable phase was registered only in the 8th minute, with the cooperation of Pizarro and Ljubisic, not ending in a goal through Van Weert. Something, on the contrary, happened in the very next minute, with Ljubisic’s cross and the van Weert’s place to form the 0-1!

AEK continued to step comfortably into the home team’s goal, having the aforementioned three as well as Sidibe-Araujo in… spiritsfor the latter to miss the opportunity for 0-2 in the 12th minute, with a shot inside the area…

Apollos leveled somewhat after 20 minutes and leveled with Bakenga, the first time he entered the opposition area in the 23′, but the goal was rightly disallowed for offside.

While six minutes later, he was very close to conceding a second goal from the very nice cooperation of Pizarro-Araujo, but Lewenberg said “no”… double to the AEK captain, driving in a corner!

THE guest dominancewho… stepped on the gas again afterwards, it was also reflected in the statistics at half hourly where was it 0-6 finals but 31%-69% possession. However, the two teams went to the locker room with the score… just 0-1.

In the second half, Almeida brought on Zini for Ljubisic, testing for the first time Pizarro as an “eight”while before an hour of the game was completed, he also used Eliasson in place of Fernandes.

The tempo was clearly lower, perfectly reasonable given the conditions, which nevertheless allowed the Cypriot team to make some shots with Valbuena, but without a response.

Almeida’s management continued amid… a quadruple change in the 64th minute, with Amrabad to even compete as a right back.

Of course, AEK’s image could not be as convincing, but they did not cease to maintain control and generally look more capable of reaching a second goal, through some nice partnerships.

With Valbuena missing a chance to level the match against the run of play in the 68th minute and Ponce having his team’s best moment eight minutes later but unable to score…

Entering the final stretch of the match, the “yellow and black” were not threatened again, giving the opportunity to their few friends who were in the stands of the stadium to leave smiling, thanks – also – to 0-1.

The compositions of the two teams:

Apollo Limassol (Pablo Macin): Leuwenberg, Daricua, Sielvik (74′ lt. Perez), Ekpolo, Santos (71′ Peybernes), Jurcevic, Kohl, Artean, Valbuena (71′ Adonis), Krmencik, Backenga (71′ Kostake).

They stayed on the bench: Loizou.

AEK (Matias Almeida): Stankovic, Sidibe (64′ Pelios), Mukudi, Mitoglou, Hadjisafi (87′ Radonia), Fernandes (58′ Eliasson), Jonsson, Ljubisic (46′ Zini), Pizarro (64′ Ponce), Araujo (64′ Zuber). , Van Weert (64′ Amrabad).

They stayed on the bench: Ginis, Theocharis, Gemboa, Lamarana.

See here the description of the match from the Match Centre

Source: Sport Fm

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