BBB 24: Davi, Isabelle or Beatriz; gnome group says which of the fairies is stronger in reality


The members of the fourth gnomes look for loopholes to eliminate their rivals from BBB 24. Fernanda even suggested placing herself on the next wall to confront her opponents after witnessing her colleagues’ pessimism with Ráculo’s departure.

The sister defends the idea of ​​first eliminating the weakest inmates who live in the fairy room. The objective is to reduce their number in the game and, in this way, reduce the chances of defense in the coming weeks.

MC Bin Laden and Pitel agreed with the plan, but they have different criteria for evaluating the strength of their rivals.

Bin, for example, thinks that the most fragile are those who take punishment and use the Christian faith to “sell an image of being upright to the public.” According to Pitel, it is easier to eliminate those who present the most inconsistencies. And, for Fernanda, the easy targets are the people with the least movement in the house.

In the early hours of this Thursday (21), Fernanda proposed an exercise for the allies: classify the individual strength of each player from the rival group. See how each gnome ranked.

Fernanda believes that the strongest fairy is David. After the brother, the sister considers Beatriz, Alane, Matteus and Isabelle, in that order. So far, the person most voted by the sister in the edition was Alane.

MC Bin Laden considers Isabelle the strongest fairy. Below her he lists Davi, Matteus, Alane and Bia, respectively. Davi and Marcus were the players most voted by the funk player on the BBB.

Pitel imagines that Beatriz is the strongest among the fairies. Then she places Davi, Alane, Isabelle and Matteus. The biggest target for Alagoas in the edition was Alane.

“You see how everyone thinks differently from each other”, Fernanda pointed out. See how they organize themselves to form the next wall.

Gnome rankings summary

David: He took first place once and second place twice;

Beatriz: She came first once, second once and last once;

Isabelle: She entered first once, fourth once and last;

Alane: Occupied third place twice and fourth once;

Matteus: He was second, fourth and last in the gnome ranking.

Source: Folha

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