BBB 24: Giovanna is the fourteenth leader of the reality show


Giovanna is, once again, the new leader of BBB 24. Sister won the fourteenth leadership test and earned another R$20,000.00 this Thursday (21). With the achievement, he guaranteed a place among the ten finalists of the reality show.

The girl from Minas Gerais placed Fernanda, Leidy and MC Bin Laden in the VIP of the week. She will still put two brothers in her sights for her vote on Friday (22). Those selected are at risk of facing the quadruple wall on Sunday (24).

Test summary

Beatriz was vetoed from the dispute by Giovanna at the beginning of the dispute, as the last mission of her previous reign. In this way, the other participants were organized into five pairs. The alliances looked like this:

Alane and Isabelle;

David and Matthew;

Fernanda and Pitel;

Giovanna and Leidy;

Lucas and MC Bin Laden.

One of each pair should find four cards inside a ball pit. After picking them up, the participant would need to hand them to their partner and the partner, in turn, would open a transparent box with four other cards and also pass it to their partner.

There were three heats of this challenge. The best pairs in each of them competed in a final. Davi and Matteus, Giovanna and Leidy, and Fernanda and Pitel completed the activity with the fastest time and secured and qualified.

Among the finalists, Leidy and Giovanna did best. Then they played a lucky stage and the leader of the week found the message that guaranteed her place in the Top 10.

Source: Folha

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