Son of Chitãozinho, Enrico throws himself into music and says he doesn’t mind being a ‘nepo baby’


Luisa Monte

Nepo babies keep multiplying in the midst of music, and the newest representative of this group is Enrico, 22, son of Chitãozinho. He says he doesn’t know the term. He prefers the milkshake “Son of fish, peixinho é”, which he claims is a frequent comment on his networks. But the fact is that his name is invariably accompanied by the affix “son of Chitãozinho” in press releases and publicity pieces.

Nepo baby is a word that mixes the terms “nepotism” and “baby” and has been used to define young artists whose careers would have been facilitated by having famous parents, relatives or godparents. Upon learning its meaning, he agrees: the musical family (Enrico is also Xororó’s nephew and Sandy and Júnior’s cousin) boosted its launch.

The singer performed his first show on March 12th, in São Paulo and his ‘debut’ in the artistic world was announced as follows by the press office: “Chitãozinho received friends and guests for the launch of his son Enrico’s first career show “. The country star also sang alongside him.

He says he is influenced and encouraged by his family, and says that Chitãozinho is demanding and was very present in the technical and musical part of his first album, “Um Dia de Sol”, recently released. “[Ele participou] From creating arrangements, choosing repertoires. (…) When he thinks he needs to improve something here, or make a suggestion there, he always does. He’s very firm about that.”

Enrico defines his style as different from the country music sung by his father and uncle. His songs include romantic and popular themes such as love, childhood and passion. “Little Truck” is one of them. The clip features a child representing Enrico, who sings in the farm environment and talks about a pure and innocent first love.

His mother, Márcia Alves, works behind the scenes, taking care of all the business. “I’m happy to have my father and mother supporting me in something that I love”, says the musician, who, before deciding to invest all his money in the successful career of most of his family, did theater and three films.

She acted in “Coração de Cowboy” (Netflix), “O Melhor Verão de Nossas Vidas” (Prime Video) and “Sistema Bruto” (about the universe of country music). Also trained in civil aviation, Enrico says that music speaks louder and that’s what he’s going to invest in now: “Why is that, right?”, he jokes.

Source: Folha

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