BBB 24: Davi and MC Bin Laden fight again and Big Boss warns: ‘We have limits’


Those who followed BBB 24’s Sincerão on Monday night (25) on Globo’s live programming watched the following closing scene: signs with the production credits go up to the sound of an argument between Matteus and MC Bin Laden.

But the reality show had the biggest confusion of the edition so far for the pay-per-view audience. Davi took the pain of the gaucho and, for the second time, faced the funk player to the point of touching their faces – as happened on the day of “calm down, Calabreso.”

Dummies had to be sent to try to avoid possible physical attacks. Without saying a word, the employees gestured with their hands to ask the São Paulo native and the Bahian to calm down. But it was no use.

Davi and MC Bin Laden shouted at each other and provoked each other. Both had to be restrained by their colleagues at some point during the confusion, and the singer’s movements ended up knocking Lucas to the ground.

“Both of them could be expelled!” warned Fernanda who, together with Pitel, also tried to appease the brothers. “Stop it, Davi, that’s what he wants,” said Alane next to Beatriz.

Big Boss then decided to intervene: “It’s a game of conversation, of coexistence. If it were a fight, it would be UFC. We have limits and they need to be respected”, he shouted.

On the web, the public also expressed concern about animosity. Terms such as “expulsion”, “headbutt” and “aggression” were among the most commented words on social media, as were the names of Boninho, Davi and Bin.

Some internet users asked the program director to expel the two brothers. Other groups demanded the disqualification of one or another player. There are still people who think any elimination due to fighting is exaggerated.

Davi and bin Laden expressed the same idea to their allies after the climate returned to normal. “I wasn’t going to hit him”, said the MC and, “I wasn’t going to hit anyone”, said the driver.

There is still the expectation that another response from the program will be given this Tuesday (26). Fans are speculating that there will be anger during the elimination night, or who knows, new disqualifications in the edition.

If the second hypothesis is confirmed, Bin could be the third box in 2024 to leave the house without the wall. Vanessa Lopes withdrew and Wanessa Camargo was expelled.

Source: Folha

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