BBB 24: Davi and Fernanda talk about MC Bin Laden and Sincerões: ‘From the door to the inside, we have to judge’


Davi and Fernanda play on opposite sides on BBB 24, but they have some similarities throughout the reality show. Both received nine or more votes from the house to go to the wall and have the affection of the former participant, Gil do Vigor.

On the Globo podcast, Gil revealed that he wanted the two to be allies, “they are very similar”, he said. The alliance, however, never happened and seems unlikely. In the early hours of this Wednesday (27), the vigorous and other fans of the opposing duo were able to imagine what a longer conversation between them would be like.

This is because Fernanda called Davi to talk at around 4:32 am and they held a debate until 5:21 am. The sister wanted to know from her brother what he meant when he told her that MC Bin Laden betrayed her.

“You were friends. There came a point in the championship that was between you and Marcus, but when it came to voting he [Bin] he didn’t commit”, said the driver. He was referring to the wall formation on February 11th, when the funk singer voted for Wanessa Camargo instead of trying to save his ally, nominating Marcus.

According to Davi, “that was the issue of betrayal”, he said. “Yes. We stopped talking [na época”, concordou Fernanda. “Eu achei que poderia ter mais coisas dele contra mim e Pitel”, completou a modelo.

A dupla afirmou que jamais faria isso com algum aliado dentro do reality.

“É evidente, Davi, que somos de grupos diferentes. Você conseguiu uma amizade. Tinha bloqueios, mas esses bloqueios saíram. Meu grupo, nunca foi um grupo. As pessoas que faziam uma corrente de jogo comigo foram embora, que eram Pizane e Nizam. A Pitel está aí, firme e forte, mas o resto só foi chegando”, falou Fernanda.

O motorista falou para Fernanda que considera o BBB um jogo de comprometimento, “da porta para dentro, temos que julgar”, apontou. Mas o brother ponderou que no começo os participantes o implicavam com qualquer atitude dele, “até por um psiu”, desabafou.

O baiano aproveitou para expor para a sister que quando ela o colocou como desprezível no Sincerão do dia 26 de fevereiro, ela deu a liberdade para ele opinar sobre o comportamento dela.

Fernanda retrucou e disse que não vê o reality como um jogo de comprometimento e que desprezou o jogo do brother porque foi obrigada pela dinâmica. “As palavras são mais pesadas que as intenções”, defendeu a sister.

“Quando falei que Yasmin era inútil, eu me comprometi”, lembrou Davi. “Você acreditava nisso [que ela era inútil]?” asked the model.

“I believed that,” said the brother. Fernanda said that it was a valid perspective, but that she didn’t need to do the same with the other confined people. David agreed.

Before saying goodbye, the Bahian said that he didn’t agree with the argument she used in Sincerão to say that “he doesn’t change anything about her game”, because on February 20th he helped his sister win a letter from the family.

She remembered that she also did not destroy the message that her brother received. “There was no reason, we don’t have direct clashes in the game. I actually like you. I caused a huge mess in my group because of that [não destruir a sua carta]”, said Fernanda.

At the end of the debate, the two agreed to respect each other and stated that both could be targets in the other’s game because they were in rival groups. They said goodbye and each went to their team’s room.

Source: Folha

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