BBB 24: Giovanna dismisses MC Bin Laden in the reality show: ‘Trajectory wasn’t right’


BBB 24 will enter turbo mode, but Giovanna and MC Bin Laden decided to put the brakes on their relationship within the reality show. The decision was made by the sister after some advances from the singer, in the early hours of this Thursday (28).

The MC tried to kiss the nutritionist, without success. Around 4 a.m., he joined her at the party’s stationary bikes and asked, “Why don’t you want to stay here?”

“It’s because I already said no. I had already said that before”, replied the sister. Giovanna was upset when the funk singer broke up with her because of her friendship with Michel, one of the opponents in the box in the edition.

Bin regretted his decision, sought advice from Fernanda and tried to return to his sister after the elimination of his rival, who denied the offer. However, even though they were unresolved, they kissed at Ivete’s party, at the request of the singer herself.

Then the singer from São Paulo decided to question the girl from Minas Gerais about her feelings days after the gesture of affection, “did you lose the mood?”

“It’s not that it lost the atmosphere. It’s just that it doesn’t make sense for everything the way it was, it stopped and came back. As if nothing had happened”, said Giovanna. The MC said he had things to say to her, “but if you think it’s not worth it”, he lamented.

The sister looked him in the eye and said, “the trajectory was not right.” Bin said he understood the situation. Both left open the possibility of talking about a relationship outside of reality and changed the subject.

Source: Folha

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