Black clothes, noise and secrets revealed: how I lived one night inside the BBB 24 house


Gabriel Vaquer

What you will read here will be an unprecedented report made only with memories of what my eyes saw. A journalist had never entered the BBB 24 house during the program. The first time happened a few days ago, when I had a night as producer of the most watched reality show in the country.

The agreed night was last Wednesday (27th), the date of the leader’s last party, held for Giovanna Lima. From the beginning, I noticed a great concern about security. The first request was for me to wear darker clothes and a black shirt. Soon, I would know the reason.

I arrive at Estúdios Globo, in Rio de Janeiro, at around 8:15 pm. Unlike other times I went (at the presentation of the house, before the start of the reality show, for several journalists, for example), there were not many people. I noticed some people dressed exactly in the color of the shirt I was wearing.

Shortly afterwards, I am welcomed by the station’s communications team. It’s time to enter the hitherto impenetrable Big Brother Brasil as the game unfolds.

First, I know the studios of Mesacast, a BBB24 program shown on Multishow and Globoplay, which receives influencers to comment on the reality show. It’s a smaller studio, in a space next door, but separate from the entire BBB 24 structure.

Upon entering the environment closest to the house, I am informed that there is a specific release for those who enter the space surrounding the reality show. Only those who have prior OK to be there pass a certain point. And this rule also applies to Globo employees. Cell phone? Only with production authorization. Mine is outside.

What I noticed most behind the scenes at BBB 24 was the fear of leaks or external interference. Around 9pm, I enter the house for the first time. Here, I know the external area of ​​the program. But what I see is organized chaos. Around 90 employees are taking care of the decorations for Giovanna’s party.

Very loud music plays outside and inside the house. The reason is explained by Fabiano França, mainly responsible for organizing the party, and who is already in his second year at BBB 24. “All the noise is drowned out by the music”, he says. And there is noise. It’s a hammer, men walking with pieces back and forth.

I am also advised not to stay too close to the entrance door. Even with the music turned up loud, if I speak loudly, someone can hear me inside. Soon after, I met Vanessa Rabello, the director who was also responsible for the ballad in honor of Giovanna.

Last Wednesday’s party (27) was simpler, and according to her, it was put together in 18 days — a record time for the season. Sponsoring brand parties tend to be planned for longer. “It takes about a month,” she says.

A costume team is available to the program for any needs, as happened on Wednesday, since due to the theme, everyone had to have specific costumes. “If we order, an outfit will be ready in 24 hours at most”, reveals Fabiano.

I also know another secret: the clothesline. It is located at the top of the house, next to the pool, in the outdoor area. There, only one participant can go and he has to remain silent. He can’t even open his mouth to speak to himself.

I enjoy the experience of being inside, I take advantage of the party toys and bring photos that you can see above, in the gallery. I leave the outdoor area with the party already ready, and go to the program’s production room. There, I meet Mariana Monaco, BBB’s production manager, and Rodrigo Dourado, the attraction’s artistic director.

We talk a little about what I saw, and Dourado decides to give me a bonus: it’s time to see the mothership. The director introduces me to the entire technical part of the program. I enter a monitoring room, which manages the two available Globoplay signals. These are what Dourado calls “stories”.

All the time, the TV directors and producers who are there talk to each other and try to find stories of what happens in the program down to the smallest detail. Soon after, I go to a third management monitoring room.

Next door, an employee is wearing a headset and concentrating on what she is listening to. It’s called a logger, which is nothing more than a professional who writes down keywords so that editing doesn’t miss any details when selecting images for the program. In this role, professionals take turns every two hours.

In total, the program has a total of ten editing islands available to produce content. In other functions, the 24-hour team rotates every eight hours. The voices from beyond the grave that the brothers hear from time to time in the house giving directions (“Everyone to the living room!”) are those names, not just those of a specific person.

Rodrigo Dourado also introduces me to a very curious space: it is in another monitoring room that Tadeu Schmidt narrates the angel’s trials, and where the program’s psychologist meets the participants.

I also run another editing room, which puts together the program that airs on open TV. Normally, Globo closes the program around 20 minutes before it goes on air. “But if necessary, we can recover anything that happened, as happened when Alane fainted”, said Dourado.

The eyes behind the mirrors of BBB 24

After the tour guided by Dourado, it’s time to enter the house to see them arriving at the party. Remember the request they made to me to wear a black shirt? Well: the shirt is dark because of the track, a 360-degree space that is behind the program’s dark mirrors.

I am guided here by a producer, who is direct: any reflection of another color can leak into the 24-hour broadcast. Anyone wearing light-colored clothing needs to put on some kind of all-black cape to enter.

Cellphones, watches or necklaces that are white are also not permitted. The last step to enter the house is a metal detector, like those used in airports. All right, it’s time to enter.

The track is dark, as if it were a subway tunnel. With a flashlight, I start to walk around that space and look inside the house. I see Isabelle Nogueira and Davi Brito talking, and the duo Fernanda Bande and Giovanna Pitel laughing. Soon after, everyone is called into the room. And I’m there, in the glass behind them, laughing and finding it funny to be close to and far from the participants.

Those who work at BBB enjoy and watch the program in their own way. I heard participant preferences, laughter, comments, like everyone does on social media. But everyone admits: the secret is the soul of the business. What is discussed there needs to stay there.

The party begins and I take in some clear perceptions, seeing with my own eyes. Alane Dias is even more beautiful in person than on TV. Fernanda seems to live in her house, she doesn’t care about cameras. The opposite needs to be said about Beatriz Reis: as soon as she goes outside, she looks for the first camera she sees to be in front of her. It’s impressive.

Davi Brito looks in “my direction”, in this case the mirror where he was, and laughs for some reason. But what catches everyone’s attention is the size of the plate he put together to eat. Isabelle Nogueira seems out of place in the cast. She is left alone playing with gym accessories.

11:30 p.m. It’s time to go. I leave the house with the clear impression of understanding, once and for all, the machine that is the program. In total, there are more than 500 professionals involved in all production, in all sectors. BBB24 is another edition of a reality show in which Globo shows how big it still is.

At the end of this report, you may have noticed a situation: where are Tadeu Schmidt and Boninho, the most popular faces among the public? That Wednesday was the day of the recorded program. Even those who work at BBB need time off. And after a night as producer of the program, it was my turn to rest.

Source: Folha

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