BBB 24: Tadeu cites at least 36 films, series and soap operas in Fernanda’s elimination speech; know where to watch them


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Tadeus Schmidt, 49, caught the attention of the brothers and the public during Fernanda’s, 32, elimination speech this Easter Sunday (31). The BBB 24 presenter cited at least 36 films, series and soap operas to pay tribute to the sister who liked to tell the story of various productions to her allies.

O F5 made a list of mentions of Tadeu and where to find them. Some involve rentals on digital platforms, others fluctuate between streams, but there are clues as to where they are.

The works include Oscar winners, thrillers, romantic comedies and even stories based on facts. See the list of references and where to find them.

The 36 References used by Tadeu Schmidt

  • The arrival2016, thriller, available on Netflix;

  • The Farewell2019, drama, available on Apple TV+;

  • Waiting for a miracle1999, drama, available on Prime Video;

  • The Neverending Story1984, adventure, available at Max;

  • Looking for happiness2006, drama, available on Netflix and Prime Video;

  • Life is Beautiful1997, drama;

  • Little Women2019, drama, available on Prime Video, Apple TV+;

  • Someone Very Special1987, romantic comedy;

  • Friends Forever2021, drama series, two seasons available on Netflix;

  • The advantages of being invisible2012, drama, available on Netflix, Telecine, Prime Video;

  • Excuse me, I’m going to fight1986, drama, available on Mubi;

  • Brave heart1995, adventure/action, available on Star+;

  • Run!2017, thriller, available on Prime Video, Netflix, Star and Globoplay;

  • Day of Fury1993, action, available on Apple TV+ and Prime Video;

  • She is the man2006, romantic comedy, available on Prime Video;

  • They forgot me1990, comedy, available on Disney+;

  • Do the right thing1989, dramatic comedy, available on Telecine, Prime Video, Apple TV+;

  • Forrest Gump (life is like a box of chocolate), 1994, drama/comedy;

  • Big people2010, comedy, available on Netflix;

  • The good side of life2012, romantic comedy, available on Netflix;

  • Maze Runner (Run or Die), 2014, adventure, available on Star and Netflix;

  • Even if nothing goes right2013, romantic comedy, available on Prime Video;

  • Where the weak have no place2007, thriller, available on Telecine and Prime Video;

  • The Unforgiven1992, action, available at Max;

  • The Incredibles, 2004, animation, available on Disney+;

  • Question of Honor1992, action, available on Prime Video and Apple TV+;

  • Requiem for a Dream, 2000, thriller, available on Prime Video;

  • If I were you2006, romantic comedy, behind the scenes available on Globoplay;

  • Sixth Sense1999, horror/suspense, available on Star+;

  • Signals2002, science fiction, available on Star+;

  • Star Wars (May the force be with you), space opera, films and series available on Disney+;

  • Everybody in panic2000, comedy/horror, available on Netflix, Paramount+, Prime Video and Telecine;

  • Crossing2022, soap opera, available on Globoplay;

  • A beautiful woman1990, romantic comedy, available on Netflix;

  • A brilliant mind2001, drama;

  • Fast and furious(Run or Die) 2001, action, available on Globoplay, Prime and Netflix.

Read the speaker’s speech in full

“What will make someone the BBB 24 champion? Nobody here has a sixth sense, nobody here guesses. So, if I were you, I would pay attention to the signs. That’s all that remains, right? I don’t give much advice. I I come here and say: do the right thing. But what?

We have these three lovely women. Each one made such a beautiful partnership. In fact, more than partnerships, friendships. Friends Forever. All three had their defining moments.

No matter what happens, Giovanna will always think: ‘Oh, if my left foot…’. Only in competitions, she was left out of six, because of her foot. How many times has she been alone at home thinking: ‘Oh, my God, they forgot me in this game’. ‘I don’t participate in anything’. Of course this is difficult, but Giovanna had no choice.

Nanda made a choice: change, tone it down. When she had a day of rage back there, she soon regretted it and pulled the handbrake. Then, one of those days, when everyone was panicking, she was the calmest person, as if she enjoyed the advantages of being invisible. Wasn’t that exactly her best moment back then? Returning from Paredão.

Bia also made a choice: not to change. Her joy is like that, period. This continues to be the reason for her defenses and her opponents’ attacks. What a never-ending story. Does this have to be Bia’s plot until her last day in the house?

Who made the wrong choice? Or was it more wrong that she didn’t even have a choice? BBB is a game where the weak have no chance. It’s a big thing.

If you have to run or die, run. Don’t wait for a miracle, because it doesn’t come. Even if nothing works, you have to keep believing, trying, it’s a matter of honor. To cross these 100 days and, upon arrival, receive the taste of victory, say: excuse me, I’m going to fight.

I don’t know if you noticed, but this is less of a speech and more of a requiem for a dream. Saying goodbye to someone very special.

She is the man. She lived very important moments in this house. The incredible and also the unforgivable. A beautiful woman, a brilliant mind. The brave heart in search of happiness.

You will see that life is beautiful, especially for those who see the good side of life. It’s just that life is like a box of chocolates: we never know what we’re going to find. May the force be with you, Nanda.”

Source: Folha

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