Report to the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Georgia Adelinithe president of PASOK-KINAL, Nikos Androulakis, testified today about the train collision in Tempi that resulted in the death of 57 passengers.

In the report, (not lawsuits) 2.5 pages speaks of copying and leaking of the audio with the recorded dialogues of the drivers of the OSE on the day of the tragedy.

On leaving the courthouse, the president of PASOK said:

“On the night of the Tempe tragedy, while the rescuers were looking for the dead, the missing, while the entire Greek society was mourning what had happened, some had the priority of taking the controversial conversations, copying them and channeling them to friendly means aimed at manipulating public opinion.

We did our duty towards the Greek people, we submitted a motion of no confidence in the Parliament for this new revelation and today we came and submitted a report to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court for an investigation of the case. Now the Court has a duty to do its job.

But they ask us why we tabled the motion of no confidence now. Because the glass overflowed. It is no longer half empty, nor half full. One is that they illegally appointed the station master in question, the other is that the European prosecutor’s office accuses them of corruption.

And while they have done all this, we learn that that night they had priority to copper the dialogues, to create the feeling of human error only.

All this shows that the government of Mr. Mitsotakis operates with the triptych: Corruption, cover-up and impunity. This vicious cycle must be broken.”

Mr. Androulakis was accompanied by the MP Milena Apostolakis, the head of the Department of Justice Christos Kaklamanis and the press representative Thanasis Glavina.