In front of an incredible sight at noon on Monday, April 1, a man was found in Evia, when he saw a blow whale swimming a few meters from the beach.

Specifically, as described on, D.A “I saw a huge fish in the area of ​​Ilia in North Evia, swimming in the sea, when I got closer I saw that it was whale».

The video was taken by himself in the area of ​​Ilia in North Evia, who works at the construction site very close to where the whale was found.

According to the first information, it is the “Sifios” species and it seems that it has lost its orientation, perhaps due to the low temperature of the last few days.

Blowfish (Physeter macrocephalus), the third largest animal on the planet with the largest brain ever recorded, have found an ideal “home” in the Greek seas, as reported by the WWF.

These top predators of the marine food chain and regulators of the health of the marine environment are threatened with extinction. Man-made sounds such as sounds from seismic surveys for hydrocarbon research, military exercises and ship propellers, cause fatal injuries. Climate change, trawling and pollution of the seas from oil spills or from the ingestion of plastics have devastating consequences for their very survival.