Naldo Benny says he is responsible for Madonna’s arrival in Brazil: ‘I shook everything up’


After saying that he has sex 37 times a week with his wife Ellen Cardoso and having convinced model Gisele Bündchen to spend Carnival 2023 in Rio, Naldo Benny announced that he is responsible for bringing Madonna’s show to Brazil. In an interview with Sem Censura, on TV Brasil, this Monday (1), the funk singer said that the Brazilian stage of the “Celebration Tour” has his “finger”.

Naldo was commenting on his relationships with celebrities and life in the United States when he said: “I urged Madonna to come to Rio de Janeiro now.” Cissa Guimarães, host of the program, didn’t think twice and wanted to know: “Are you the one bringing Madonna?” And Naldo replied: “Yes. I’m ‘unrolling’ this parade.”

The “Celebation Tour” celebrates the pop star’s 40-year career and Madonna makes her last stop with a free show in Copacabana on May 4th. The show is the only one in South America.

Globo agreed to broadcast Madonna’s show. The exhibition will take place on open TV, pay TV via Multishow, its variety channel, and streaming, via Globoplay. The agreement was closed with the Itaú brand, sponsor of the show and responsible for bringing Madonna to Brazil.

Source: Folha

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