BBB 24: ‘Society is not prepared for friendship between men and women’, says psychologist


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If in previous editions the public “shipped” couples, on BBB 24 (Globo) those who hoped for a few kisses between their favorites may have been left watching ships. This is because, although two romantic couples began in confinement (those formed by MC Bin Laden and Giovanna and Matteus and Deniziane), both suffered with comings and goings, and came to a brief end.

With many committed participants, relations between men and women in the house seem to have leaned more towards friendship, which ended up generating a lot of comments from the outside. The caprichetes —as people who love watching couples in reality are known— tried to see something more in Davi’s affection for Isabelle, and social media caught fire with comments about Lucas having allegedly cheated on his wife with Pitel, but the fact is that none of these novels got off the ground.

Even though they are sometimes shaken, the main couples formed on the program have delivered a companionship that seems to transcend the short time in which the bond was formed. No accident. Experts interviewed by F5 point out that the program encourages these relationships through the environment, the lack of space for privacy and even the music played during the parties.

For neuropsychologist Thais Helena, those confined come together in the reality show with a goal. “Because they don’t have the affection of their family, which is what they’ve known all their lives, they start to form groups. And that’s how emotional relationships emerge in less than 100 days”, she pointed out.

In this way, the emotions that arise influence the connections between the brothers. “Mainly passion, understood as fantasy. This feeling makes us see characteristics that we want in another person”, explained psychologist Noemi Machado.

Thais also states that the environment is responsible for exerting up to 80% of influence on human connections. But factors such as age, culture, personal values, gender and race can influence the way we relate to each other.

The two experts evaluated six pairs from the edition at the request of the F5. See what they said below about each one. It is worth remembering, comments have no clinical value.


“Society is not prepared for friendship between men and women,” said Noemi. According to her, the hugs, lying in the same bed and kisses on the cheek between the pair are the result of confinement and, even so, “there are limits established by both”, she said.

“It’s the most practical and genuine relationship in the house. They’re like older brothers”, said Thais. She also notes that there is an identification between Davi and Isabelle, who came from the public’s choice.


Thais notices a physical attraction between the Amazonian woman and the man from Rio Grande do Sul. “It gets into the issue of desire, of lust. It’s not something practical and rational like Isabelle’s contact with Davi”, she assessed.

The pair, who already exchanged vows in the first few weeks, became closer in the last third of the program. For Noemi, there is no defined relationship between Isabelle and Matteus. “I don’t know if there’s a fair exchange there. It’s more like a convention between their friends,” she pointed out.

Isabelle sings ‘Solteiro Forçado’, by Ana Castela, alongside Beatriz at the BBB 24 party – Reproduction/Globoplay


Camila Moura, wife of Rio professor Lucas Henrique, better known as Buda, has already stated that their marriage came to an end after seeing him interacting with social worker Pitel.

The two psychologists note that Lucas tried something, but Pitel did not pursue this possibility within the reality show. “If this action wasn’t part of his monogamous agreement with Camila, they definitely need to talk,” Noemi advised.

“I saw a vulnerability in Lucas. Maybe Pitel represented something he was missing, a mix of attachment and, perhaps, lust”, suggested Thais.

Lucas caresses Pitel

Lucas caresses Pitel – Reproduction/Globoplay


On the other hand, there were those who were rooting for friends Pitel and Fernanda to form a couple. The duo even gained a nickname, “Pitanda”.

Thais observes the bond between the two sisters as a genuine friendship that emerged from their vulnerabilities in confinement. For her, the physical touches between the duo were part of the relationship established.

“From outside, morals and our experiences try to fit them into this romanticism. We lack a broad view of the situation,” he said.

Noemi analyzed another complexity in the connection between the two. “Pitel was canceling herself out. She made a movement to fit in,” said the psychologist. According to the specialist, something that demonstrates her perception were the times that the woman from Alagoas avoided correcting her friend during speeches considered ableist and racist.

Pitel said she didn’t want to play anyone’s teacher in the post-elimination interview. The psychologist also argues that demanding that black people correct problematic statements about their race is unfair, but points out that the ex-sister was the best person to give clues to the ally.

Fernanda and Pitel while they were on BBB 24 – 20.feb.2024/Globoplay


The relationships between Giovanna, 27, and MC Bin Laden, 30, as well as Deniziane, 29, and Matteus were similar within the BBB. The two couples flirted, kissed, went under the duvet, broke up and agreed to talk about their connection outside of the reality show.

Noemi and Thais assessed that these were casual meetings. “Big Brother is a social experiment and they experienced a relationship there. You know when you go out with someone, then the next day you have breakfast and life goes on? So, that was it and everything is fine”, described Thais Helena.

According to Noemi, it is advisable that all participants seek professional assistance after the BBB, to assimilate the experience and contacts established within the house. “Therapy is important, in any form, any approach. I realize that people entered BBB with expectations that are not always met,” she said.

MC Bin Laden and Giovanna exchange kisses in the early hours of the party

MC Bin Laden and Giovanna exchange kisses in the early hours of the party – Reproduction/Globoplay

Source: Folha

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