BBB 24: Beatriz parades with bananas on her head during a fight and Davi says: ‘You’re so childish’


Davi and Beatriz continued the fight that started in the last Sincerão of BBB 24. The Bahian declared himself selfish to the São Paulo native during the dynamic this Monday (8).

Upset, after Globo’s live broadcast, Bia classified her ally’s attitude as “desperation to show Brazil that they are playing”, she said. For her, if Davi gave the card with the adjective “repetitive” it would be more coherent.

“Oxê. I’m not going to give you the license plate you want, I’m going to give you the license plate I want to give you”, replied the driver. The saleswoman insisted that she was not selfish, but the brother asked her to respect his opinion on the game. The two were sitting near the pool in the company of the other fairies.

The pair repeated their arguments during the discussion to the point that everyone left their side after around 40 minutes of discussion. Alane even had a particular reason.

Bia praised Matteus for pointing out Alane as repetitive in an attempt to convince Davi of his point.

“Matteus was coherent, a gentleman, a prince. Their arguments about Alane continuing to make mistakes with the punishments were plausible. She didn’t even respond to him because she knows she’s wrong”, explained the woman from São Paulo more than once, while the woman from Pará frowned.

The matter ended with the two stating that the debate was tiring. But about two hours later, at around 3:20 am, the fairies gathered in the room. David called Beatriz’s name and laughed at her.

Everything seemed fine until Bia said that Isabelle got in trouble for saying that Matteus was acting VT when he was showing off his swim trunks in the kitchen. “I think you were too little and Davi was too much”, said the saleswoman.

Davi took the hint and asked if Bia wanted to continue the pool topic about selfishness. The seller stated that she did not want to continue with the topic, but continued with provocations.

The two talked. Davi recalled that she was punished after customizing and wearing a banana peel bikini despite warnings. “You could have made that argument, to say that I was selfish, then I would shut up,” said Bia.

Davi said it was a game thing and for her to separate it. Then, Bia recalled another argument used by the opponent in the dynamic.

The Bahian said that she stopped crying when Matteus gave her immunity and Alane was left without, “there you didn’t understand your friend’s pain of being on the wall”, said the brother.

“You said I don’t like Alane, but I like Alane. You’re not in my heart”, replied the sister.

After repetitions, Davi told Beatriz that she has difficulty making mistakes, including the one with the fruit bikini. The sister, upset, took a bunch of bananas, put it on her head and simulated a parade in the kitchen.

“This shows that you are immature. You are so childish, childish, to the point of doing this,” said the Bahian. The woman from São Paulo put away the fruits with a smile and went to her room.

Source: Folha

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