BBB 24: ‘If he starts coming after me, I’ll go to the confessional and talk to the production team’, says Beatriz about Davi


The rivalry between Davi and Beatriz, on BBB 24, gained another chapter in the early hours of this Wednesday (10). The two participants, who are on the wall, argued again after the hot seat was formed.

Davi went after Bia in the room to wish her good luck in the dispute, he offered her a hug and his sister refused. Without the gesture of affection, the two exchanged handshakes.

The Bahian said he was sad about the situation and gave his opinion on the fight over the selfishness sign. “Bia, for me the friendship with you would never be broken. But, I want to tell you that it was a game dynamic thing [a confusão]”, said the brother.

“Regardless of the result of the wall, good luck in life, here, and whether you are champion or if I am,” continued Davi. “Likewise,” replied Beatriz.

The atmosphere between the opponents worsened when they remembered the last Sincerão of the edition. The subject evolved and the sister said that the word selfish, used by the brother, says something about her relationship with Alane.

“Do you have the morals to talk about friendship? Are you finished, Davi?” Questioned the São Paulo native. “I concluded”, replied the brother. “Then don’t look for me anymore, I’ve already spoken for the second time and I’m an idiot who still listens”, replied the saleswoman.

David got up, went to the door and left the room.

Inside the room, Alane told Bia that Davi “sets some traps” when he speaks. “You have to be very careful talking to Davi”, said the woman from Pará.

“If he starts coming after me, I’ll go to the confessional and talk to the production team. It’s disturbing me”, said Beatriz. Regarding the wall, Alane said that people who act like Davi get in their own way.

“I’m very scared,” admitted Bia. Then, she said she believed in divine intervention in her favor in the hot seat and made a comment about the driver, “When Satan tries to get up, using people against me, I bend my knee to the ground”, she said while pointing through the door where David left.

Afterwards, outside the house, Davi asked Matteus not to give the driver space to promote himself. “Like this?” asked the gaucho.

“If he comes to talk or vent to you”, Beatriz pointed out.

Source: Folha

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