BBB 24: Fernanda receives an invitation to participate in a soap opera and talks about working with acting: ‘It suits me a lot’


As soon as she left the BBB 24 house, Fernanda received invitations for rehearsals, interviews, advertisements and even a special participation in a soap opera. That’s right. The baker will record scenes for Daniel Ortiz’s plot, “Família É Tudo”. The person negotiating the role in the production is the brother of the former participant in the Globo reality show, Gabriel Villa, a lawyer and military firefighter.

“Gabriel is taking care of everything. I’ll be very honest: I don’t know anything exactly about the things that are emerging. But, there is something going on with the soap opera. Let’s see”, said Fernanda, without wanting to spoil the surprise that the soap opera’s directors plans for the next chapters. The former sister, who is also a model, makes no secret of the fact that she wants to work in acting.

“I see myself in this place. Yes, I like this world, the environment, all the dramaturgy. I love cinema, I love TV and I think it suits me a lot. But I have the humility to understand that I need to learn, study”, observed the 15th eliminated from the BBB 24.

Fernanda also commented that she intends to continue her career as a confectioner: “I want to continue in some way. I was in a very bad way when I started making cakes, I was depressed and I started helping other people”, she explained. “My first classes were basically with moms in the same group as mine (…) They were so sad and desperate about their lives. And I felt that that was my biggest need: being able to help other people,” he said she.

Source: Folha

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