In a different and special competition, the two teams were invited to compete for the communication prize of the week. Balancing on a wooden platform and constantly receiving pressurized water, each player had to collect their flags before the opponent. Katerina Dalaka was one of those who did not struggle too much and brought the point for her team.

Anastasia, on the other hand, could not perform at the usual levels. The ordeal took such a toll on her that as soon as she was removed she burst into tears.

Gulekas & James once again gave their own color to the match, taking the competition to other levels, unprecedented for the game.

Before either team reached the final 12, Giorgos Lianos stopped the match and announced that due to technical difficulties there would be no continuation, while both teams would enjoy the last prize of communication before the Union.

So for the first time, both teams after a communication prize match, had the opportunity to enjoy the messages of their loved ones, with the necessary snack. Each player was moved and delighted for their own reasons by the message they received. Among those that stood out was that of Theodoris’ wife. The player entered the game shortly after the birth of his child, and now he was seeing it from a photo!