On the reappearance of Alexis Tsipras, the European elections and anti-bullying measures, the MEP candidate with SYRIZA, Giorgos Tsipras, spoke on SKAI’s “Today” show.

Alexis Tsipras will be active

Asked about the reappearance of the former president, Alexis Tsipras, Mr. Tsipras commented that “a year he was absent, he should have been absent because of internal party matters. He will be active as well because of his age and he can deliver.”

Regarding the proposal of Mr. Spirtzis for the formation of a coalition of a large progressive front under the former president of SYRIZA, Mr. Tsipras stated that such a thing could be discussed after the European elections.

“I don’t know if it will be a big party but it is a demand of the people and either SYRIZA will go alone or there will have to be other processes”, he stressed.

For the European elections

Regarding the bar for the European elections, Mr. Tsipras noted that he sets two goals and clarified “for SYRIZA to be the second party and secondly to do better than the June elections, but the goal is for SYRIZA to recover” , emphasizing that “it is almost certain that we will be the second party in the European elections. There is a potential for growth and we will take advantage of it.”

Commenting on the statements of Alexis Tsipras that politics is not tiktok, Mr. Tsipras said that “communication is necessary and we lost as SYRIZA in this area but politics is what will win the world. What matters is that we become a reliable opposition to Mr. Mitsotakis. Any way this is done is legitimate, but it needs politics.”

About bullying

Referring to the controversy that has erupted and his statement regarding anti-bullying measures, Mr. Tsipras said “the big problem is not whether someone will break a window, but violence and bullying in schools and this should be first phase to be dealt with by the power of persuasion and if he does not succeed of course there is also the measure of removal from school”.

“I consider these extremes, the platform was done correctly, but the problem will not be solved with these measures. At school, the educational community is responsible for the child. Government intervention is needed for parents and teachers. The school community, the teachers, who have difficult conditions in the schools, must be strengthened,” he added.

Regarding Kasselaki’s statements regarding early elections

Asked about Mr. Kasselakis’ statements about early elections and the fear of election fraud, Mr. Tsipras emphasized that “the relationship has changed and there is no correspondence in the Parliament. Neither Kasselakis nor SYRIZA have raised the issue of fraud. In the letter there is an issue of variability of the process and the States should deal with it in the future. I’m not saying that about this election.”