After ‘Elas por Elas’, Rayssa Bratillieri plans to produce and direct: ‘I’m going to take courses’


Anahi Martinho

Currently showing in cinema, streaming and on the six o’clock soap opera, Rayssa Bratillieri intends to take a break from acting now that “Elas por Elas” (Globo) comes to an end.

The last chapter of the soap opera, a remake of the 1982 plot, will air this Friday (12). Rayssa, who plays the girl Isis, will have her justice after almost falling into the trap of the villain Helena (Isabel Teixeira). In cinema, Rayssa plays the rebellious daughter of the protagonist Beatriz (Giovanna Antonelli) in “Apaixonada”. In streaming, she is a Brazilian immigrant who dreams of being a model in “Amor em Hong Kong” (Globoplay).

“These were works that I did at different times, but they all ended up debuting at the same time. Now I’m everywhere”, jokes the actress in an interview with F5. But Rayssa’s dreams go beyond acting. She flirts with the world of scriptwriting, dramaturgy, direction and production.

“I want to understand myself as someone who produces their own things. I also want to direct, and I want to use this moment [pós-novela] to immerse myself in it, take directing courses, read plays, write. Rummage in other places,” she says.

For a Scorpio with moon and ascendant in Aries like her, always ready to act and go after what she wants, it is difficult to live waiting for invitations and approvals in tests.

“Doing a soap opera is important and interesting, but it’s also dangerous to stay alone in that place. When you only act, you put yourself in a central place and think it’s all about you”, says Rayssa, 26 years old. “I don’t want to live waiting for people to look at me and give me trouble.”

“It’s very challenging to make a living from art in Brazil. I don’t want to depend on other people’s approval to be an artist. And the path I can open is by producing my things and going after what I believe in”, he says.

Born in Apucarana (PR), Rayssa left her city at the age of 17 and went to live in Rio de Janeiro in pursuit of her dreams as an actress.

“When I put something in my head, no one takes it away. I want to produce things and involve my friends, the great actors I know, and see them shine. I started to understand other places within the market”, he says.

About being inspired by women in leadership and creative positions in audiovisual, she mentions directors Amora Mautner, Mayara Aguiar and Nathalia Grinberg. “It’s so nice when we meet incredible women and feel supported and inspired. The future is ours,” she says.

Source: Folha

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