Ilioupoli emphasized that stability is not judged at the ballot box of the European elections the president of PASOK-KINAL, Nikos Androulakis.

During the conversation he had with residents and friends of the party, Mr. Androulakis emphasized that “New Democracy, after the court decision on the “Spartans”, will most likely have more than 160 deputies. No stability is judged on June 9. What is being judged is whether there will be a barrier to all that makes our lives difficult.”

Mr. Androulakis called on the progressive citizens to strengthen PASOK-KINAL so that the country has a reliable and strong opposition.

“We have to join forces. June 9th is not a simple battle, it is another big step that we all have to take together. Because the country needs a strong and serious official opposition, which will be the next government in the next national elections. It is the only way to put a stop to the corruption, impunity, arrogance and policy of the New Democracy which increases inequalities and undermines the daily life of Greeks by increasing the cost of living”, argued the president of PASOK-KINAL, presenting the stake of the European elections.

He also harshly criticized the government, focusing on accuracy, saying that it “continues to eat up the wages, pensions, and purchasing power of the Greek people.” “We have 32% cumulative food inflation. How, then, is it possible for him to say – a year later – that his economic policy has succeeded, when the people he governs have the lowest purchasing power in the entire Eurozone and the second worst in the entire European Union above Bulgaria?” , he wondered.

He also criticized the government for the management of the funds of the Recovery Fund on the occasion of his publication Politico.

“He announced that 2.5 billion euros in Recovery Fund loans have been given to just ten companies for digital convergence through non-transparent procedures, and Mr. Mitsotakis does not want a debate in order not to apologize for the corruption in the Recovery Fund tenders as well”, emphasized Mr. Androulakis and repeated that “corruption, cover-up, impunity” is the hallmark of the ND governance, attributing the responsibilities to the prime minister and his entourage.

“If Mr. Mitsotakis and his entourage were not responsible for the non-implementation of contract 717 for remote control – which the European Union gave 54 million euros for us to have safety in the movement of trains – why is the investigation not progressing quickly? Why for a year, knowing that there were falsified conversations, did he not go to the Court himself to ask to be investigated who is the one who committed this crime during his prime ministership? This contempt even for the families of the victims? Corruption is not in government. Corruption is in the Maximos Palace and the protagonist of impunity is the prime minister himself”, underlined the president of PASOK-KINAL.