BBB 24: Wanessa says she is in the process of ‘afrobetization’ and releases music on the day of the final


Still trying to take advantage of the momentum of BBB 24, even though she was expelled from the reality show, Wanessa Camargo released a new song this Tuesday (16).

The singer, who will be live in the final, said on social media that she is experiencing a “process of afrobetization”.

“Perfect gentlemen, I ask for permission so I can make mistakes/I know it’s difficult but I want to talk without anyone cutting me off”, sings Wanessa in the opening verses of “Caça Like”.

“When leaving BBB, I was bombarded with information and demands. I needed time to organize myself and understand the scale of everything that had happened. I looked for professionals who could help me in this process and I have reflected a lot on different aspects of my life. It was as soon as I started my Afrobetization process”, wrote Zezé Di Camargo’s daughter.

“I remake myself as a person and artist, and ‘Caça Like’ comes in this vein, as I demonstrate for virtual lynching without the possibility of exchange”, he added.

“I recognize my speeches and attitudes, but I believe in reconstruction through dialogue. Perfect gentlemen, I present to you the new Wanessa: imperfect, who admits her mistakes, but recognizes her values ​​and her history”, concluded the singer.

Source: Folha

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