Where is Amanda Bynes, teen film actress from the 2000s involved in controversy


Victoria Pereira

A beloved actress in romantic comedies and teen films, Amanda Bynes was successful in the 2000s in films such as “Everything a Girl Wants” (2003), “She’s the Man” (2006) and “Hairspray: Em Busca da Fama” (2007 ).

But since the film “The Lie” (2010), in the role of Marianne, she retired from her acting career and became involved in several controversies, such as illegal possession of marijuana and being arrested for drunk driving.

Her success on TV began in her childhood, when she had a career breakthrough by starring in the Nickelodeon series “The Amanda Show”. At the time, Amanda was 13 years old.

The program debuted in 1999 and ran until 2002, also launching new actors to stardom such as Drake Bell and Josh Peck, protagonists of the series “Drake & Josh”, on the same channel.


Despite her fame, the actress was searched more on Google for her controversies than for her success in teen dramas. Trends data shows that in May and July 2013 her name had a spike in searches. The period includes research since 2004, the beginning of the platform’s historical series.

In May 2013, Amanda was accused of illegal possession of marijuana and throwing a bong (an instrument normally used to smoke marijuana) when detained by police officers in her apartment in Manhattan.

In July of the same year, she was sent to a psychiatric hospital after starting a fire in front of a house in Thousand Oaks, California. And, at the end of September, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Because of this, Amanda was placed under the guardianship of her mother, Lynn Bynes, who now has legal control of her daughter’s personal, medical and financial affairs.

Before that, in 2012, the actress was arrested in April for drunk driving. She hit another car while trying to overtake him, didn’t stop to check what had happened and refused to be tested for alcohol and drugs.

The situation resulted in several lawsuits throughout 2012. In September, the former Nickelodeon actress had her driver’s license suspended and was dismissed by her agent and lawyer.


After nine years, Amanda was free from guardianship. According to the website TMZ, which had access to the court documents, she now has the power to make personal and financial decisions on her own. She was the one who filed the request in court with the support of her own mother.

After that, the actress was once again the center of attention in the media and even on Google, during which time people began to search for her more. In March 2023, she was admitted to a psychiatric facility after being found wandering the streets of Los Angeles naked.

A week after being discharged from the clinic for the second time, Amanda decided to return to the hospital. She considered that remaining under medical care is more efficient than staying alone in her apartment.

This year, in March, the actress said on her Instagram that she failed her first test to work as a manicurist. She achieved a 71% pass rate, but needed to achieve a score of at least 75% on the test.

Last Tuesday (9), she published in her stories that, after failing the test, she returned to manicure school. “That way I’ll be ready when I get a job at a beauty salon,” Amanda wrote.

Source: Folha

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