The police re-arrested him Peter Murrellwife of the former Prime Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeonas part of the ongoing investigation into the finances of the Scottish National Party (SNP), as reported by the BBC and other British media.

The police statement, in which Marel is not named, states that a 59-year-old man who was re-arrested as part of the investigation into the SNP party. The last time Marel, 59, was arrested was in April 2023.

A spokesman for the SNP declined to comment, saying it would be inappropriate “at this stage”.

Sturgeon, who served as its Prime Minister Scotland from 2014 until her resignation in February last year, she was also arrested last year in the same investigation. However, she was released without being charged. He has categorically denied any wrongdoing.

Authorities are investigating what happened to more than £600,000 (€700,000) in donations the party raised in 2017 but disappeared without any evidence of such spending.