‘They spoke on the phone and are still going to have a meeting’, says Davi’s lawyer about Mani Reggo


Ana Cora Lima

BBB 24 Champion, Davi has already been away from home for two days and the expected meeting with Mani Reggo has not yet happened. Fans of the Bahian, who spent the entire confinement stating that he intended to make his marriage official with his partner, said in an interview with Mais Você the day after the conquest that they would be “dating and in a period of getting to know each other”. It didn’t take long for rumors of a possible breakup between the couple to appear on the networks.

Mani is the cook and businesswoman with whom the Bahian had a relationship for a year and a half and the two always acted like they were married while he was confined. “There’s no such thing [rompimento]. They spoke on the phone and are still going on a date, yes. Davi will meet Mani Reggo in person,” she told F5 Ronaldo Monteiro, Davi’s lawyer.

The professional, who is in Rio, claimed that his client is keeping a busy schedule of Globo commitments and that would be the reason for the disagreement with Mani. “The problem is that Davi never knows the Globo script, he has been recording a lot and there are several commitments throughout the day. He only finds out about things when the van comes to pick him up at the hotel. Davi is tired, but very happy”, completed.

The report found that Mani and Davi are staying in different hotels in the same neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca, west of Rio de Janeiro. Globo provided accommodation for one member of the family as a companion and the one chosen by Davi was his sister Raquel. Mani and his sister Fabiana Reggo, who is responsible for advising the ex-BBb’s partner, were approached by the F5, but they did not respond until the last update of this text.

Source: Folha

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