On the side of Ioannidis, Bandis: “I refuse to get used to the stench of the keyboard”


Its president PSAPP, Giorgos Bandis with his post on social media he in turn supported him Fotis Ioannidiswho was accused without reason and reason of having tested positive in a doping test.

Check out his post below:

Recently Matias Almeida publicly told all of us with kindness and a smile to enjoy Fotis as long as he is still playing football in our country and not to punish him.

I’m sure he didn’t just say it about Fotis. He also said that about Panagiotis, Sotiris, George, Tasos, Yiannis and unfortunately for many more footballers.

I am sure that he also said this about the overall treatment that exists in Greek football and its self-destructive tendency. Think how a man who is only 18 months in our country, without even speaking our language and without knowing our culture, was able and understood so much while trying in his way to shake us.

Unfortunately Coach happened again and it happened in the worst way, an unethical, pitiful, inhumane way. Instead of celebrating that two Greek teams claim their qualification to the best four of a European competition, we punish by stigmatizing our national team, “discover” conspiracy theories and create prejudice against the athletes.

I know that in this country the more important and successful a person is the greater is the pleasure of “assassination” of his character by small people, perhaps because it reminds them of how insignificant and unsuccessful they themselves are.

I refuse to get used to keyboard stench, whether it comes from professionals or not. I refuse to get used to online courts, wild words, cannibalism and curses for cancers and crosses.

I refuse to get used to the fact that for all of them there will be no consequence.

With Light and every Light.

Source: Sport Fm

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